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These guides work as a toolbox and equips you with everything you need to get started with, organize and carry out your information research – as well as advices on how to cite your sources (see campus-specific guides). If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your librarians!

Zotero is a free, easy to use, reference management tool that we recommend you to use throughout your research. Use it:

  • While you’re searching: to save and store references
  • While you’re reading: to make folders, take notes and add keywords
  • When you’re writing: to format and insert references into your paper
  • At the end of your paper: to generate a bibliography

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Make sure you understand the instructions and what's asked of you. Verify how much time you have to complete your assignment! Define your context, your topic and your research questions! Develop your keywords and search terms! To get started, we recommend that you use:

  • Brainstorming: to come up with, improve and map down your ideas!
  • Concept mapping: to organize your ideas into concepts and give structure to your research: what information do you need? Where can you find it? Which keywords to use?