Are you wondering how to use this website? Are you looking for information about books, magazines or databases? Do you have questions about opening hours or services? Here you'll find the answers to (almost) all your questions! If not, contact us!

Practical information

You'll find the library's opening hours (for each campus) on the home page of this website. We display temporary changes or modifications in our news, on our twitter and facebook account, as well as inside the library.

Yes, your librarians offers 30 minutes individual or small group appointments to help you with your research. Don't hesitate to use the "book a librarian" form (at the bottom of this page) to make an appointment.

At Audencia Main campus: connect to the platform Print Audencia. Click on "My Documents" and upload the document you want to print. Choose the printer Nantes noir et blanc (Black&White) or Nantes couleur (colour). Go to the corresponding printer and present your student card or enter your Audencia ID and password. The document(s) will appear on the touch screen: select and print out.

Note: You can only print in black and white in the library. In the open access computer lab you can print in colour and in black and white.

Go to any multi-funcion printer in the school and present your student card or enter your Audencia ID and password.

Select the scan-funcion on the printer and select Scan on the touch screen. Put the document you want to scan and press the green button on the printer. The page is scanned. When you're done, validate by pressing the button "#" on the printer. The scanned document will automatically be sent as an attachment to your Audencia email address.

To scan a small format document (passport or ID-card), place a blank sheet behind it.

Your student card has "two accounts", one for the cafeteria (that you recharge at school) and one for the multi-function printer that you recharge on the platform: print.audencia.com.

Books and ebooks

Use the library catalog to launch your seach: by title, author or keyword. You can also limit the search to your campus. 

When you've found the book in the result list you can click on it to see how many copies there are, on what campus, if you can borrow it (disponibilité) and on which shelf it is located(cote). Note down the callnumber (cote) and find the book on the shelf!

If the book is an ebook, follow the link and read it on the platform ScholarVox. Think about creating an account on this platform and to sign in!

  • If needed, read How do I create an account on ScholarVox

At Audencia Main campus: bring your student card to the library's front desk, your librarian will help you check out the book(s).

At Audencia City campus: bring your book(s) to the librarian's desk during her working hours.

At Audencia SciencesCom campus: Bring your student card to the librarian's desk during her working hours or use the self-service computer close to the library entrance. Scan your student card, then scan the books. Don't forget to validate.

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Each Wednesday there is a book transfer between the different campuses in Nantes. Contact your librarian with the reference of the book you want to borrow: title, author, call number. We'll order it for you. You'll receive an email notification when the book is available in the library on your campus, where you can pick it up.

The loan period depends on your year of study and programme:

Audencia Main Campus

  • Grande École (S1, S2, S3): three books> 14 days
  • Grande École (S5, Majeure): four books > 14 days
  • Masters (Specialized, international, MBA): four books > 14 days
  • Executive MBA, Executive Education: four books > 30 days

Audencia Campus SciencesCom

  • Bachelors, M1 and M2: three books > 14 days

Audencia City Campus

  • Bachelors, DBA: three books > 14 days

Novels and comic books are not included and may be borrowed in addition.

All users returning items after the due date will not be allowed to borrow until the end of the fine (the same number of days as the period overdue).

On any Audencia Campus, use a school computer or connect to the school's WiFi and go to the platform ScholarVox.

Click on "Sign up" in the upper right corner. Use your Audencia email adress when you fill out the sign up form. Next time you're on ScholarVox, click "Sign in".

The ebooks on ScholarVox are available in streaming and cannot be downloaded. Sign in (in the upper left corner) to read them. It works both on and off campus.

  • If needed, read How do I create an account on ScholarVox

Databases, Journals and Magazines

The library's databases are available both on and off campus through our website: from the homepage or the Resources menu.

To connect, use your Audencia ID and password.

Your ID is the same as the beginning of your student email (before @) and is often composed of the first letter of your name followed by your surname.

  • Note: In some databases (ScholarVox, Vault..) you ALSO need to create a personal account and sign in.

The library subscribes to newspapers, magazines and journals both in print and electronic format.

To read in print: consult the library's periodical catalog to know the titles available.

To read online: connect to the library's press databases (Business Source Complete, Delphes, Europresse and Factiva) and consult the sources available in each database.

  • Use the subject or program-specific guides to get ideas on titles to read.

Consult the library's periodicals catalog, available in the library or online:

Periodicals Catalog

  • Note: verify the period covered and ask your librarian if the issue you're looking for is archived.

Use the library's E-Journals Discovery Service to search for the title in all of our academic databases:

E-Journals Discovery Service

  • Follow the link Full Text Access to read the journal

Use the library's Discovery Service to search in all of the library's academic databases at once: by title, author, keywords..

Discovery Service

  • To limit your results to articles included in our subscriptions, use the filter "Full Text"
  • To limit your results to academic research article, use the filter "Peer-Reviewed"

Other questions

If you're at school, come and ask us in the library! Otherwise ask your question by email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact us by email